Croatia, July 2018: Dubrovnik & Korcula Video Moments

It is not often that we return to places in our travels but when we decided to book a trip to spend time with Britt's family, we thought Dubrovnik would be the perfect spot to start our vacation together. Though we were there during a busier time and with Dubrovnik's popularity only growing each year, the city was still as beautiful as ever. With spots to swim—off the town or by the beach—and plenty of streets to get lost in while exploring, we were happy to show a place that we loved to our loved ones.

For the second part of the trip, we all hopped on a ferry to an island none of us had been to before—Korčula. While the two of us have spent a decent amount in Croatia and have fallen in love with the country as a whole, we felt a little something extra special when we were in Korčula. Having spent the first part of the trip in Dubrovnik where the streets are busy with tourists, this island escape was welcomed. Korčula was refreshing, peaceful, and relaxing. With the town full of quaint streets, beautiful views, and the island having plenty of beaches to choose from to unwind, there was plenty to occupy ourselves with as we enjoyed our time in the sun. It was another hard goodbye but hopefully not forever!

All in all our family trip to Croatia will be a trip we all remember forever!