Estonia, May 2018: Tallinn & Tartu Video Moments

Tallinn was full of picturesque streets to wonder and enjoy. Our long weekend there was nothing short of incredible and one we look back on fondly. (And, who would have thought there would have been such a vegetarian scene!) From taking in the views from the many platforms to being fascinated by the Creative City, Tallinn showed us its many personalities and kept us interested. And, as we continue to believe, taking trips to smaller cities or towns outside of a capital in a country is so important. It helps widen the view of a place and gives a whole other perspective of what the culture, people, and the environment are like. Tartu gave us just that for this city weekend escape in Estonia! With its quirky neighborhood filled with streets named after soup ingredients and its leaning art museum, it was a great place to spend a day. Estonia is quiet, wonderful, and a place we won't forget!