Portugal, May 2018: Porto & Aveiro Video Moments

A four day weekend in the sunny riverside city of Porto was the perfect way to kick off some summer styled travel. Our love for Lisbon put Porto instantly on our list. It did not disappoint. The quirky (and hilly) city is full of character, hidden gems, views, tiles, and more. We enjoyed wandering around and stumbling upon its beauty. And, while there with some extra time to spare on our final day, it was an opportunity to finally see the famous neighborhood of Costa Nova in Aveiro. As we said in our post about the town, place like this can be miss-leading. You see a photo of a couple of striped houses and it makes you believe the whole town is full of them. Well, we can actually vouch for that! It was as playful, striped, and weird as one would hope. A great surprise ending to our long weekend away!