Split & Trogir, Croatia: Video Moments

Hands down, Croatia is one of our favorite places to travel to. It has a beautiful mix of culture and adventure! For our third visit, we decided to spend our time in Split and Hvar (which we will get to soon!). After our time in Bosnia, we took a bus from Mostar to Split to kick off the second half of our trip. While in Split, we enjoyed wandering around the old city, eating delicious food, taking some time to relax at the beach, and going off on a day trip to Trogir. Our time there got us back to remembering why we keep coming back. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, the history and the old architecture surrounds you, and you can't beat being by the sea. It was a wonderful first few days back in Croatia. Next up, we jump on the ferry to finish our two week adventure on the island of Hvar!