Bosnia & Croatia, July 2017: Bosnia Video Moments

Bosnia is one of the most unique places we have visited so far in our travels. We pushed ourselves to go here to learn more about the history and see a culture that is so different from our own. Stepping foot in the different mosques throughout our stay and listening to our tour guide in Sarajevo gave us a better understanding of life. It is easy to sink into the everyday norms and assume that everyone else's lives are similar—to forget the struggles as they seem so far away, almost unreal. Hearing the stories of the Bosnian people—what they have been through—is eye-opening, especially since it was so current. Places like Bosnia are important to travel to. By visiting, you can see a country that was—not to long ago—torn apart by war, come back together. While it is still not perfect (as we have written about in our other posts from our time there), it is an inspiring example of regaining strength.