The Czech Republic, April 2017: Prague Video Moments

Recapping our Prague trip has me wanting to return already. I feel like I haven't stopped gushing about the city since we got back to London. It was just one of those magical weekends that reminds us why we have chosen a life of travel and we are feeling so refreshed—alive. The three-day weekend in late April had us boarding a plane from London to Prague more excited than ever to finally check out the well known historic city. Crisscrossing back and forth across the river, we did our best to cover every inch while taking in its beauty. From early morning sunrises on the Charles Bridge (highly recommend!) to climbing the steps up to the castle, we packed in a lot but the best parts were off the beaten path where we could escape the crowds for a more relax stroll along the cobblestone streets. This video captures the wonderful memories so we can always remember our time here (and why we should go back!) and share a little of our adventure with all of you—enjoy!