France, May 2017: Paris & Versailles Video Moments

Our latest trip took us to Paris & Versailles. We had never seen Paris so lush and in bloom so being there in the Spring walking around felt extra magical this time around. It was a beautiful weekend (minus some random downpours) and we fell even further in love with the city. It's funny to go from such a neutral feeling from our first ever visit to an obsession now after our numerous trips. I guess when you spend enough time somewhere, you are bound to be won over! We learned that hitting so many top tourist stops and doing the Paris must-sees on our first trip took us away from the warmth and true culture of the city. Being able to take these trips back to explore more deeply and freely was the key to us finally understanding the impact the city has on people. Having a list of things we wanted to explore, we left with an even longer one for next time. Paris feels unending and it makes for the perfect weekends away when we are feeling the need to travel. I can say with confidence that we will keep returning and letting out hearts connect further!