England, April 2017: York & Knaresborough Video Moments

This weekend we have been sharing all about our early April two day weekend to Yorkshire where we explored York and Knaresborough. On Saturday morning we got up early and began our 2 hour journey by train from London up to York. We don't get out to explore our own country nearly enough. We have a bad habit of always hopping on a plane to somewhere else. With Springs arrival and the weather warming up, it was the perfect chance to finally make our way to Yorkshire. York is full of quaint gems and it quickly became apparent why so many people flock to this spot in England. We enjoyed delicious chocolate, wandering through the gardens, strolling the cobblestone streets, walking along the old city walls, and lastly, a day trip to charming Knaresborough (an easy 20 minute train ride from York). Seeing both York and Knaresborough gave us a wide perspective of Yorkshire—from city to countryside. Knaresborough gave us a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowds. After our half day trip out there, it was finally time to begin out journey back to London and close the book on another amazing adventure!