Hungary, April 2017: Budapest & Szentendre Video Moments

When we first started traveling, I figured there would be places we like more than others. While that has become the case, I still find it hard to rank our trips in order or to say I have an absolute favorite. The truth is that we learn different things from each country we visit and we come away with unique memories that can't be compared to the last. I'm sure you're tired of me saying such-and-such won my heart and has become a favorite. It's possible I've written that on every post but I promise I actually mean it each time. I could say the same for Budapest but instead, I will tell you why.

Budapest offered a really special travel experience for us. Since the city was once two, it had contrasting sides that offered a wide variety of things to see and do. Buda was where we would spend hours walking through the hilly cobblestone streets with the old colorful buildings lining the way. We found a beautiful park along the edge and enjoyed the history surrounding us. There was a lot of hopping back and forth between Buda and Pest and while I'm inclined to say Buda was my favorite (see there I go again), Pest really gave us some authentic Hungarian experiences. We spend a morning in the thermal baths, wiggled our way through the crowded Central Market Hall for langos, and enjoyed the edgy side of the Jewish district. But talking about our trip is not complete without mentioning Szentendre which was the most memorable part. Hopping on the train to take in a small town and see another side of the country was a valuable experience. Together with Budapest, the trip felt really well rounded and gave us everything we could ask for out of an adventure!