Expat Life: Hitting Our Two Year Mark In London

Expat Life: Hitting out Two Year Mark in London | Sea of Atlas

At the end of February we hit our two year mark of living in London. I honestly can't believe we are already this far into our journey of living across the pond. Some days this city still feels so new but most days by this point it feels like home. I will always remember the day we moved over so vividly just as I recapped for our one year mark. When I think about arriving, I can still feel the pit in my stomach that I had sitting outside in the rain waiting to get into our temporary housing. While it wasn't the best of feelings, I can look back and feel proud about how far we have come knowing we made the right choice to chase after this dream of ours.

The second year in London had us more settled in and sealed London as a place that, even when we do eventually move away, will always be a home in our hearts. Over the year we had our two worlds collide with visits from our parents and friends from back home. It was so much fun be able to show them around, help them fall in love with London, and in the end better understand our lives here. Later in the year, we unexpectedly moved flats—a blessing in disguise now that we are happily in one that aligns so well with our souls and doesn't add stress to our lives. We have spent our time continuing to do our best to explore every inch of this beautiful, mixed, and cultured city. And most importantly, we have found friends that feel like family that will make saying good-bye the absolute hardest.

To celebrate our two years, we woke up bright and early before the sun was even up and made our way to Duck & Waffle. On our flight to moving over two years ago, we saw a beautiful sunrise from the plane. It was our symbolic visual to our new beginning. We decided the perfect way to reflect on these years and look forward to the ones ahead, was to once again see the sunrise over London.  Since this restaurant is famous for its views (and delicious food, of course), we knew it would be the perfect spot. Being able to see the sunrise on the same day two years later felt special as we enter into this phase of our time here where we feel settled and taken by London.

I can't predict where the next year (or beyond) will take us but what I do know is that I am happy where we are right now. In this chapter of our lives, it's hard to see ourselves anywhere else. We have build a life of adventure here, a life where we feel free and connected to who we are. It's a wonderful feeling to know we can still watch it continuously unfold and surprise us for the time being.