Norway, June 2017: Bergen & Fjord Country Video Moments

Recapping our Norway trip has made me miss the peacefulness of the country. While we only had four days to soak it in (and we got soaked...), it made a lasting impact on us. Our souls always feel refreshed when we are removed from the hustle and bustle of city life and pushed into nature. Bergen offered us some charming streets to wander and get our first taste of Norwegian culture and adventuring into fjord country gave us that bit of nature I'm going on about here. It was the highlight of the trip—being able to take a boat right around such beautiful scenery and then again get to see even more up close with a kayaking trip. The weather wasn't the best we could have asked for (even the locals were complaining) but we made the most of our time and hope to return back sometime soon (with some sun!).