Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule

With a new year comes fresh vacation days and new travel destinations to check off the map. We can not wait to get started! Looking back, it's clear that 2016 was a packed year—there were points where we were having back to back days getting off a plane from one trip and getting on another plane to begin a new one. We learned some limits but at the same time we realized our strengths and how much we love this wild adventurous life of ours. This year—at least for now—our trips are a little more spread out. Currently, our first trip is set for April so we can have some down time in London after last year's craziness. I'm sure we will fill in some day or weekend trips throughout but right now our schedule is looking pretty stress-free which is so nice. We've been missing our time out and about exploring our own backyard. There's a lot in store for us for 2017—in and out of London—and I can't wait to turn these plans into memories!


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule


For a winter escape we decided to head to Latvia for the first time. While it wont be sunny and warm like the picture above shows, we are hoping to have a nice snowy weekend away exploring a new city. 

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


I'll be heading back to Lisbon for my second visit to what has become a favorite city of mine. This time around, I'll join my friend Steph for a girls weekend away. I'm looking forward to enjoying some warm weather and getting to appreciate all the gorgeous tiles covering every inch of the city.


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


To kick off April, we are jumping on the train and heading up to York for a weekend away. As we get closer to possibly our end time here in London, we want to make sure we are seeing plenty of England. York will be a nice weekend away exploring and old town with rich history.

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Budapest, Hungary | Sea of Atlas


This year for the four-day weekend over Easter in mid-April we continuing on with our travel season by finally making our way to Budapest. While staying on Castle Hill, we will take it all that the city has to offer. We are looking forward to the thermal baths, Hungarian food, and the magic of the city at night.

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Prague, Czechia | Sea of Atlas


For a three-day weekend in late April / early May we're heading to Prague! A city that has been on my list for awhile. The plan is to make our home base by the castle with the Old Town only a quick walk across the Charles Bridge. We can't wait to explore the beautiful Old Town, appreciate the Jewish heritage, and take strolls along Charles Bridge each evening.


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Swiss Alps | Sea of Atlas


In late May, our trips will start to get longer with a nine day adventure later in the month and into early June. With three nights in Lucerne and five nights in Mürren way up in the Alps, we can't wait to get ourselves to the stunning mountains and fresh air. What we are looking forward most is Lucerne’s stunning bridges, the Alps in the colorful bloom of spring, and unplugging from life for a few days.

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


For our third time, we will make our way down to Paris for a weekend of wandering. We keep falling more and more in love with this city as we discover new spots. It will be wonderful to be there in the Spring when the leafy trees and the flowers in bloom. We plan to finally make it out to the Palace of Versailles for one of the days.


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


My first trip ever to Europe, and our first trip together here as a couple, brought us to Italy with the final destination of Venice. It has been about four years since then and we are excited to return. We're looking forward to hitting some spots we missed as less experienced travelers as well as enjoying some of the other islands—Murano and Burano.

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Norway | Sea of Atlas


We are finally making our way to Norway with a four-day weekend in late June. For this trip we will be lucky enough to have my sister meeting us and getting some good quality family time in. It's going to be so much fun wandering the streets of Bergen, hiking in the mountains high above, and exploring the fjords by train, boat, and bus all together.


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Mostar, Bosnia | Sea of Atlas
Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Hvar, Croatia | Sea of Atlas


Are you ready for our longest trip EVER!? I couldn't be more excited to spend sixteen days in July exploring our way through Bosnia for the first time and heading back to Croatia for the third. We will begin the journey with three nights in Sarajevo then we're off to three nights in Mostar, three nights in Split, and finishing it with six nights in Hvar. It's going to be so interesting to soak in the culture and history in Sarajevo, appreciate the rebuilt old bridge in Mostar, explore Diocletian’s Palace in Split, and enter full summer mode on Hvar.


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


In late August, we are finally heading to what we like to joke around and call my homeland. I'm a mix of pretty much everything but Irish is my most dominant (Swedish is second) and where most traditions in my family come from. We were putting off going to Ireland while living abroad because it is a country that is very easy to get to from the States but we've said heck with that plan this year. For a three day weekend we will base ourselves out of Dingle to explore the peninsula. I can't wait to see these breathtaking seascapes and rolling green hills.


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


To end summer with one last warm weather and beach hopping, we decided it was only fitting to head back to Portugal. The plan is base ourselves in one town with a car to easily get where we need to be and enjoy a much freer style of travel. I can't wait to get on the beach and soak up the sunshine.

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Sea of Atlas


In September we will head back to the States to visit family and attend a friend's wedding. We are looking forward to seeing our loved ones and hopefully catching summer before it leaves. New England is in its prime the the summer (at least that is my's hard to chose with all it's gorgeous seasons) so it will be fun to walk along the beach and eat as much ice cream as possible


Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | Vienna, Austria | Sea of Atlas


We enjoyed getting in the Christmas spirit the past two years with trips to different European markets. In 2015 we went to Edinburgh and this past year we found ourselves in Alsace wandering through the beautifully decorated towns. This year we will spend a four-day weekend in December exploring Vienna. Besides hitting all the Christmas markets, we can't wait to soak in the cafe culture and embrace the romanticism of being bundled up and cozy in a cosmopolitan city like Vienna.

Travel Destinations: Our 2017 Schedule | New England | Sea of Atlas


And lastly, the end the year just like we always do, we will make our way home for our final trip of 2017. Splitting our time between our go-to New England States of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine we will spend our time enjoying the holidays with our family and friends. And if we are lucky, we hope to get another snow filled week to take some hikes and get outside in the magical coastal setting.

If you have any tips and recommendations for these locations, we would absolutely love to hear them!