Berlin, Germany: Video Moments

While we weren't able to spend every day exploring Berlin, we got a solid 48 hours to take in as much as we could. For our first free evening we headed to Tiergarten to walk around, grab a bite to eat, and (unexpectedly) rent a row boat while the sun was setting. It got us in the perfect mood to wake up the next day (which also happened to be my birthday!) excited to learn about the deep history of the city. After spending most of our day on a walking tour learning so much, we took it all in as a starting point to decide which places and parts of the city we wanted to return to and see more during the rest of our stay. While it feels like we barely covered any of the city, we still feel like we go to really experience it. To learn more about what we did, hop over to this post.

Our Berlin trip was just my second time visiting Germany (Trier being my first) and I've managed to get back once more before we ended our busy travel season. I'm really impressed with the country and it has surprised me in many ways. I'm really looking forward to returning hopefully many more times!