The South of France: Video Moments

We've been recapping our week in the South of France back in September these last two weeks here on the journal. If you've missed those you can catch up here, here, and—wait for! The trip was the perfect way to end the summer and spend some time with family exploring a new place. By basing ourselves in Nice, we were able to easily take day trips out to the many hill and coastal towns that make the area so unique. The stone work of the hill towns always amazes me when you think about the work that went into creating these beautiful old villages. On the somewhat opposite note, the colorful painted homes of the coastal towns against the deep blue sea was absolutely inspiring and eye-catching as an artist. Wandering around both are experiences I will never forget! And of course, the best way to end each day was coming back to Nice for a swim (we even went parasailing for the first time!). With Spring starting to bring the warmer weather, I get so excited to get back to traveling and having days like that!