Greece, June 2015: Santorini & Crete Video Moments

We've been throwing it back to the summertime recently as we recapped our trip to the Greek Islands (Santorini & Crete) from June of 2015. All that is flowing through my mind lately is the feeling of the warm sun hitting my skin and swimming through that oh-so-deep blue sea. But here we are just at the end of February still surrounded by the winter chill. I'm thankful I can be transported with photos and videos though. I have to say, it has me very excited for the travel season ahead of us! And, if the Greek Islands taught us anything, it taught us to be free and adventurous with our lives which we continue to carry with us each day. The islands so easily pulled out that daring side with cliffs screaming to be jumped off of, seas curling for a good sail, trails begging to be trekked on, and towns open to explore. We definitely got a good mix of everything that the Greek Islands have to offer but we know we didn't even make a dent. Hopefully some day we will return to continue through all the beauty each island uniquely offers. Until then, I'll be playing this video non-stop—that's normal, right!?