Belgium: Video Moments

Belgium was the perfect place to explore for a long weekend adventure back in June. It's been a trip I constantly refer back to and reflect on. From the moment we got to Brussels until the end of the train ride back to London, the country gave us so much love. We spent nights in the squares watching and mingling with locals, we wandered down side streets and canals, learned how to ride a tandem bike (and laughed a lot while doing so), and we stuffed our faces with lots of waffles and chocolates.

With each trip we take, my perspective of how the world works evolves. We eat new foods, meet different people, hear stories, and find ourselves through the culture. Travel has given so much more meaning to my life and I never expected as we come up on our one year of living abroad, that I would be this different from who I was the day I stepped foot in the UK to begin our wild adventure. These videos are my favorite way to travel back to all our highlights and remember what each place has taught me.

Belgium, you're in our hearts now forever and I can only hope that one day we will return!