France, December 2016: Christmas Markets in Alsace (& Basel, Switzerland) Video Moments

This week we've invited you in to explore the Alsace Christmas markets with us to help get into the holiday spirit. After all, we are just about one week away from Christmas! So, for the first weekend of December, we found ourselves taking a three day weekend to head down to the Alsace region of France. It was the perfect place to explore a handful of the beautiful European Christmas markets and spend some quality time with family who were visiting from the States. The cobblestone streets were beyond crowded with people who had the same idea as us but as I looked around, I was completely in awe of the decorations, lights, and festive spirit carried so cheerfully through the towns. Add in the half-timbered home as the backdrop and it was nothing short of magical. The charm of these towns left us wanting to return one year in the spring to see them covered in flowers. I can only imagine it would be a sight to see! For now, we will keep Alsace in our minds as a wonderful spot to celebrate the holidays.