Lisbon, Portugal (October 2016): Video Moments

Our recent trip to Lisbon (recap here) was one that really surprised us. We were in the midst of trying to figure out a move when the opportunity came up but there was no way we could pass on it. Travel is what we live for! Neither of us had ever been to Portugal and our plan was to put it on hold until we moved back to the States. The country is relatively easy to get to from the east coast so it made sense for us to originally do that. But, we pushed that all aside and jumped on board without hesitation!

After spending a few days is Estoril for work reasons, we finally made the journey into Portugal's capital city. Basing ourselves in the historic neighborhood of Alfama, we set out to soak up as much as we could. Walking through the winding hilly cobblestone streets, starring happily at tile-covered facades, it was hard not to fall in love. While the weather was not the best (rare for Lisbon), we really enjoyed our time and left leaving positive we would come back to explore more of the country.