Bratislava, Slovakia: Video Moments

When we were looking were to go for a three day weekend in August, we started by looking at flights to see where we could get to and have the three days be enough. Bratislava was a clear options and we decided to go for it without really having any expectations or ideas of what the three days were going to look like for us. We just knew it had history to it and that the size was doable in the amount of time we had to explore. The city quickly won us over as we entered it's quaint old town. The cobblestone narrow streets and open squares are exactly what you picture when you think about a small European city. We enjoyed our time hiking up to the castle right nearby as well as Devin Castle just a short bus ride away. And, on our final day, we hopped on a bike tour to learn more about the city we had just spent the last couple days enjoying. We recapped more of our time in Bratislava here on the blog if you would like to dig in further to see the details of what we did. It's safe to say that Bratislava really surprised us and made us realize just how much of Europe we have yet to see!