Austria & Germany, September 2016: The Alps Video Moments

Our latest travel recap has taken you through our Austrian and German Alps trip (you can find all three parts of that here incase you missed it and are having regrets). When we traveled to Salzburg back in January to kick off the 2016 new year, we truly fell in love with the small city and wanted to see more of the area. As soon as we were home, we started planning to return in the summer! The Alps reminded us of our New England home. We used to really enjoy weekend getaways to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I think it's safe to say the Alps are little bit more crazy and intense but to be back in the fresh mountain air gave us a sense of peace.

When you live in the city, life can be fast pace, noisy, and crowded. It's always nice to break out of that and reconnect with nature. Our souls crave to be in places like this and we couldn't have felt more refreshed at the end of the nine days. I know that we will return again to both countries and see more of the Alps—there's absolutely no way you can stop us!