London, England: Lumiere 2016

London, England: Lumiere 2016

Last Thursday, Lumiere came to London for the first time ever and transformed the city into a magical whimsical world for the weekend. So, on Friday night we headed out to dinner and decided to check it out for ourselves. The festival of lights sprawled itself across King's Cross and the West End creating four sections mapped out by the event for visitors: (1) King's Cross; (2) Piccadilly, Regent St & St James’s; (3)Trafalgar Square, Westminster; (4) Mayfair. We took a close look at the map to see what parts interested us the most and ultimately ended up walking through the King's Cross and the Piccadilly, Regent St & St James’s sections.

Apparently we picked the right night to do so since on Saturday the event was forced to shut down some of the installations around King's Cross and there were also some major crowds on the tube (never fun!). While it was still a pretty packed event, we managed to enjoy the slow stroll through the installations and were in awe of their beauty and sizes. I've highlighted some of my favorites below from the sections we saw but Janet Echelman's piece, 1.8 London, had to have been my absolute favorite. The movement within the piece that the fiber artist managed to create is absolutely stunning. She had recently done an installation in another city I call home, Boston, that stretched over the Greenway called As If It Were Already Here. We moved away before it was installed and I was so bummed to have never seen it in person. Getting to see one of her pieces here was a dream come true. It was definitely a fun (chilly) night to be out and about in the city!

1.8 London by Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman

Keyframes by groupe LAPS

LuminÉoles by PortÉ Par Le Vent

ElÉphantastic by Topla-design © Catherine Garret

I Haven't Changed My Mind in a Thousand Years by Beth J Ross

Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) by Cédric Le Borgne

Garden of Light by TILT

Did any of you make it out to Lumiere this year? Or maybe another year?
We would love to hear about your experience and favorite installations!