Be One Of Our 2016 Travel Partners

Be One Of Our 2016 Travel Partners | Sea Of Atlas

Travel is a part of our lives that is now deeply rooted. A little over a year ago Rico and I gave away almost everything we owned, packed up the little we kept, and made the leap from Boston to London to begin a new chapter of our lives. We get asked a lot about why we moved to London and what are purpose is here. Well, it's actually quite simple—we wanted a life of adventure. After graduating college and being in the real world for a few years, we came up with this crazy dream of living abroad so we could travel through Europe more extensively. We wanted to let our souls free and check things off our list like seeing the Alps, cliff jumping in Santorini, and rowing a boat to the center island of Lake Bled. With some hard work and convincing, that dream soon morphed into a realty for us. We couldn't be happier to be in London! We have completely fallen in love with the wildly large, entertaining, historically rich, and beautiful city.

Over the past year we have been truly fulfilling our dream and traveling as much as possible. We've taken amazing trips to places like the Greek Islands, South of France, Copenhagen, and many more. It is safe to say that the travel bug grabbed hold of us and hasn't let us out of its grip since and in January, we kicked off the new year the best way we could—jumping on a plane and exploring Salzburg and the snowy Alps. It was the most fitting way to celebrate the close of 2015 and bring in 2016 with new and exciting adventures ahead including Amsterdam where we just returned home from (more to come on that soon!). You can see our full 2016 travel schedule here.

As we swam through the deep blue sea, trekked across snowy mountains, strolled through quaint town streets, we've asked ourselves how can we team up with other businesses and people that embody the same wildly adventurous souls that we have. SO, after lots of brainstorming, reflecting, and planning, this year we decided to ask you to come along for the crazy ride! We're looking to partner up with unique brands and small companies that stand behind the idea that life is an adventure and it is up to us to create it. If you have the heart and soul of a journey(wo)man, then we want to hear from you!

What does this all really mean though? Well, we wish we could physically take each and everyone of you with us to all the places we will be going but we realize that just isn't a possible. Here's what is though—us taking a piece of you with us to help you grow and flourish just as we have with our own business and travels. We're looking for brands that want to get their goods or experiences out in the world and in front of the their dream customers to show a freeing lifestyle!  

We couldn't be more excited to hear from each of you and working with you! Our hearts are so fully there for you and we want to help you bring your dreams to realty just as we did with ours. You all have been the best tribe of people to create for and such an amazing support system during this time of new passion. It is the perfect time time for us to give back, reach our hands out, and let you come on board our plane, boat, train, bike—whichever you'd prefer!

To become one of our 2016 Travel Partners, head over to the designated page to read all the details, the process, and apply. We are looking forward to hearing from you, working with you to achieve your goals, and getting your products in front of—not just the right—but the dream customers you've always wanted!

Since we are so excited to help you and get this off the ground and running, we are going to kick this season of travel partners off by offering 10% off our packages for the launch! (offer expires April 8, 2016)