Weekend Scenes: August 22nd & 23rd


Weather-wise, Saturday and Sunday were completely opposite. We woke up Saturday to beautiful sunshine and excited to get an 80°F day here in London. While we had lots of things to get done before we hop back into traveling, we needed the weather to cooperate to actually start checking off some major things on our list. So, Saturday morning we had to run out to do errands (aka pick up some shears) and then we spent some hours out back in our garden giving it a good ol' cleaning. It was in good shape when we moved in but it still needed some love and weeding done. Also...a lot of leaves had fallen since. It was one of those things we kept letting slip off of our to-do list.

Now that the garden is finally cleaned up, it feels really nice so of course, we needed to celebrate our hard work by going out for ice cream. While walking the other weekend, we stumbled upon Udderlicious so we decided to give it a try. We are (kind of) ice cream snobs...I mean what person that grew up in New England isn't? It doesn't beat our favorites from home but it is REALLY good and by far the best we have found in London. All the shop's ice cream is homemade using organic milk and high quality ingredients. They let the customers vote online to which flavors make it in the mix each month (so cool!). I got the Cookies and Cream while Rico went for a favorite of his, Salted Caramel. Yum! What better way is there to end a summer day than by enjoying some ice cream?


Sunday the rain moved in, and at points REALLY moved in, But we couldn't let it stop us since we needed to go out to do some last minute errands before our trip to the South of France. Afterward, we decided to wandered around Covent Garden for a little and then down to South Bank. We got out of the rain for a little and enjoyed some lunch at Wahaca before heading back home to keep checking off our to-do list.


In the late afternoon, we had one spot of blue skies and like excited little kids who just really wanted to use their new backyard, we went out to stand in the garden for a little to take it in. You couldn't sit on anything since it was all soaked. It was nice to get some fresh air, but that's as far as we went. It's really nice and peaceful back there and we are excited to keep adding to the space now. I do wish we had done it sooner so we could have taken advantage of some nicer days earlier in the summer but I'm hopeful we will get some more good days before the colder weather moves in. Unfortunately, this week is looking quite gloomy and then we will be traveling to the South of France (what a shame...) but maybe—just maybe—we will bring some nice warm weather back with us. Fingers crossed!


Some of the weekend was also spent working on our space inside. I bought Rico a guitar stand for his birthday so our little corner is looking all musical now. I hope to someday get an armchair to help cozy up the space. And for our one year wedding anniversary, I ordered Artifact Uprising prints for Rico. I did a square set of 25 which just happened to be the same amount of places we have been since getting engaged. (Would you just look at that luck!) Originally we had hung one string up and we were putting the art we had collected from our travels on it but I wasn't feeling it much anymore so we decided to take it down to replace it with our photos. I decided to move the art on the left wall in more of a gallery style way so we can easily keep expanding and adding to it. I also hope to add more photos on, like completing the idea by doing all trips we have ever gone on. Maybe even start mixing in some train tickets or other little tidbits we collect traveling. So many thoughts.

I'm enjoying putting our space together slowly though there are points I want to just jump and have everything be done. But going at the slow pace allows us to think about what we really want and make sure it will truly all fit together. Some day we will have it set! We're off to a good start and making good progress when we can.


What did you all do this weekend? We would love to hear how you spend the days!