Weekend Scenes: June 6th & 7th


Our weekend was a little different this time around. We weren't waking up early to board a plane and we weren't running around the city to explore. We were just relaxing and crossing things off our to-do list. It was nice, simple, and just what we needed. It's easy to forget to do the little things when there is so much going on, but it was time to focus on our home. We want to make it the best it can be so when we are here and not out on an adventure, it can be a retreat for us—somewhere we can relax and refresh.

We spent most of Saturday outside cleaning up the entry way to our flat. Since we live on the garden level (my nice way of saying basement), lots of leaves and bits & pieces fall down into our stairwell. Neither of us have ever had to deal with this sort of thing as we've always lived on the top floor with a shared entryway. While we loved the top floor, we really got lucky with this place. It has a cute little back garden to sit out in and we hope to really get to experience it this summer. We had high hopes of tackling that space this weekend as well, but the front was enough for us to handle with other higher priory things to do before a few of our upcoming trips.

While Saturday was spent mostly outside, Sunday was the opposite. We tidied up, did some laundry, writing, errands, and catching up with our families. As summer is approaching we are finding ourselves longing for a New England summer—something we've never been without—and it has us really missing family. It was nice to be able to get some good FaceTime in with both sides.

This week will be a short one work-wise. We will be right back to our crazy life of traveling on Thursday when we board our train to Belgium for a long weekend away! I can't wait!