Hi all! Britt here — This blog was created to be kind, free, honest, and full of inspiration and passion. While I have never been one of many words, overtime I found writing was a form of expression my soul genuinely vibed with. So shortly after diving into my artistic journey at full force, it felt right to write a blog to document it and to allow myself to explore this avenue further on its own.

My husband and I both spent our lives growing up wandering through New England and eventually finding each other. For a few years we settled down in Boston to get our footing but then we decided to make a major life change. We gave away all our stuff, packed up our clothes, and hopped across the pond to begin the next chapter: London. From here wanderlust took over and we found ourselves darting in every which way around Europe to cure our travel bug. This is where we are right now in our lives and we couldn't be happier. Uprooting and placing ourselves in a completely new place has inspired me creatively and continues to always push me further outside of my comfort zone. It's taking risks like this that makes me feel alive and help me so I never become stagnant. For me, life is all about continuous growth.